What is A Job?

A job is a container containing tasks and responsibilities. Someone came up with a job title and a job description and that is how a job is created. It is one component of a man made system called organizational structure.

So when a person successfully gets hired for a job, he or she would have to fit into it. The job was not created to fit the person. As a result, there would be some mismatch. Hence there is no perfect job or perfect job candidate.

The job seeker finding the ideal job would only meet with disappointments. An ideal job can be said to be one that feature components that the individual likes to do.

When we are looking for a job, we can find only jobs that are made available to us. This is true whether we are a new entrant into the job market or an experienced one.

Let us say that you are an experienced job applicant, who had many achievements or numerous credentials. Once you passed the door and get hired, your resume and the interview records go into a personnel file and that is filed away, forgotten, seldom referred to.

It is very rare that an employer do the following to engage you:

  • Run through your prior work experience, and engage you for work based on your unique experience.
  • Run through your special training, and tap on it.
  • Assess you for your strengths and adapt your job to your strengths.

In the end, you are hired do to a job. You will be spending 7 to 8 hours every working day. This is why most people recommend that you choose your job base on your interests and not money. If you are good at what you do, there is a better chance of being better paid.


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