Who Do You Work For?

In all the efforts of employers to squeeze the most out of employees, the answer and understanding of the question “Who do you work for?” by employees sometimes get confused.

Too often we get caught up with the company’s mission, vision, business results, goals and KPIs and the towering figures of management that seems to overwhelm us.

It is important to be clear on the answer to this question, so that you give the answer as the top priority to yourself when you need to make any job-related decisions at your workplace.

The related questions are:

  • Do you work for the company?
  • Do you work for the Chief Executive Officer or Managing Director or General Manager?
  • Do you work for your supervisor or manager?
  • Do you work for the employees of the company?
  • Do you work for yourself?

The 2 questions for you to ask yourself are:

  • Why did you apply for the job in the first place?
  • What priority would you give to this job when you are at your death-bed?

The answer is that you work at this job to exchange an income for your time, labour, knowledge, know-how or skills.


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