A Word about Headhunters

Headhunters are also called employment agencies, recruitment agencies, manpower services. Whatever they are called they help employers fill position for a fee.

Recruitment consultants or headhunters are paid either on a small salary plus commission or a full commission basis by their recruitment firms.

As a job candidate, remember that they are not working for you. They have no obligations to help you look for a job.

In fact, some of the headhunting companies want you to sign agreements that should you found a job through them, you are obliged to stay with the new employer for a specified period of time, otherwise you have to pay a penalty to the headhunting company.

When they assess a resume, the 2 basic things that they do:

  • The details in the resume must meet the client’s given specifications.
  • They will use the same discriminatory scrutiny as what they imagine the employer would have.

In another words, they are the gate-keeper in deciding whether they should present you to the potential employer.

You may wish to know that often headhunters may not understand the business or industry and the searched occupation well enough. They sometimes resort to semantics and verbatim.

In recruitment, when a headhunter is involved, the employer tends to be more meticulous and stringent because the employer needs to fork out a big fee when the hire is successful. This is a big cost to employer.

Sometimes, when the headhunter finds that you have no value to him because clients have rejected you too often, your resume would be cast aside or used for less desirable job openings such as contract roles.

All these said, as a job candidate, you have to deal professionally with headhunters. It is your responsibility to yourself that should across as a professional to the headhunter. What you hope is that the headhunter would remember you when a suitable position arises.


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