Find a Replacement Income: Tuition


When you look for a job, you are highly dependent to give you a job. A job is just one stream of revenue. In today’s world, it has become an insecure stream. Even if you are a responsible, hardworking and contributing worker, you could lose your job anytime.

What you want is be independent and have alternative and multiple streams of income. Is this better than having a job? Let us assume that you have the flare for teaching a school subject and have decided to become a tutor.


Let us say that there is a demand for tuition and it can be done online or face to face. Here are the numbers:

Let us assume that as a tutor, we work 40 hours a week:

  • 18 to 20 hours giving tuition.
  • 20 hours preparing for tuition and writing assessment books.

Let assume that we only do group tuition – 30 students for each class.

Assume there are about 200 students – About 7 classes

  • If the charge is $400 for four two-hours tuition session, this is $50 per hour.

For 200 students, the total income is 200 x $400 = $80,000 a month

  • If the charge is $200, the charge is $25 per hour.

For 200 students, the total income is 200 x $200 = $40,000 a month


  • Have group tuition – 30 students or more at 1 time.
  • Teach the students yourself.
  • Forget about running a tuition agency, where you would need to match tutors with students and received a commission.
  • The charge rate matters.


The Prolific Rise of Online Tutoring

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