Opportunities Vs Goals and Plans

We place ourselves where opportunities may come our way; we prepare for it and seize it when it comes. Opportunities when they present themselves are real.

We have goals and make plans. Until we act on them, they lie dormant in our imagination. When we flesh them out, they may not turn out as we have imagined. Sometimes they became the “should have been” and “could have been”.

First we do not know what the future holds for us, whether our plans would materialize and hence our goals achieved. We may meet with an obstacle and are forced to change our plans. We could be on a steady course and an event bigger than us derailed us. We could have worked so much but got back nothing, very little or just enough.

Second, if travelling down 1 path brings us misfortunes or lead us nowhere, it might be better that we change our goals or plans and go down another path.

Third, it is just too troublesome to carry with us a bag of “maybe” along a road which we do not know how far we would travel.

Fourth, sometimes God may have something better for us than the goals and plans that we set for ourselves.


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