3 Lessons from Confucius

Some of us possess these 2 rare gifts:

  • Ability to see the broad picture: We tend to organize everything as a whole through standardization, integration, automation, alignment.
  • Ability to imagine the future: We tend to anticipate and prepare for the future. It may include some risking and some avoidance of where not to go or what not to do.

We may be bitten by the aspiration to make a difference to the world and embark to change the world for the better. These behaviors may be natural for us because it is our personality make-up.

However, when we met with someone powerful in our employment, sometimes our unconscious expressions of these gifts could sabotage ourselves unknowingly or if when take our aspirations into our employment, it could only create contempt.

Instead we could use our gifts for our personal life, outside your employment. We should also watch what we say at work.

The 3 Lessons

There are different versions on the story of Confucius. There are 3 things (1 success and 2 failures) that we can learn from him.

  • His methods work and the principles are enduring.
  • We need to understand where we stand and our place.
  • We need to understand the impact of power.

Story of Confucius

He found that education is the key to transforming a barbaric society into a civilized society. When he presided over a township, his management philosophy brought peace, prosperity and security.

Lao Tzu warned Confucius about speaking his mind: “The problem with you Sir, is that your intelligence allows you to evaluate people critically, and when you evaluate people critically, you bring danger upon yourself.”


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