Showing Up for Life

Introductory Quote

“Eighty percent of success is showing up” Woody Allen

Working on What We Want

“Showing Up” means that to succeed you have to show up and start working on your idea or project, and not merely and think or worry.

Whatever your current life situation brings, the most fundamental aspect to showing up in the world is to do it for yourself. Make the appointment with yourself. Show up for you, not anyone else.

Scott H. Young said this

“…How often do you forget step one? Wanting to be a successful blogger, but failing to write regularly. Wanting to get in shape, but not showing up at the gym. Wanting to learn a language, but never having conversations with people who speak it.Step one is interesting because it only requires effort. Writing a bestselling novel requires some luck and skill. Writing a novel requires only that you show up to write every morning.”

Example: Showing Up for Acting Audition

In the book The Student Actor Prepares: Acting for Life written by Gai Jone, there is a passage that said “One truism about success in (acting) auditions is that if you do not show up to audition, chances are that you will not be cast (in the show).Showing up is the usual requirement for casting.

Example: Staying Invested in the Stock Markets

This is an excerpt from a write-up by Putnam  Investments

“For long-term investors, staying invested makes more sense than moving in and out of the market at the first sign of bad news. Over the past 66 years, bull markets have lasted longer (45 months on average) than bear markets (14 months on average) and have more than made up for the periodic market declines. Bull markets begun during economic recessions and expansions and at all levels of rates. And while it is impossible to predict when a bull market will begin, it is possible to miss one by waiting on the sidelines.”

Example: Martin Yan

Yan began teaching Chinese cooking for a college extension program and appearing on a Canadian talk show from Calgary in 1978 (on CFAC-TV, now CICT-DT). He has hosted over 1,500 episodes of the PBS cooking shows Yan Can Cook since 1982. (Source: Wikipedia)


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