Find Your Life Work Outside of Your Job

Albert Einstein

After graduating from Zürich Polytechnic with a teaching diploma, Albert Einstein spent 2 years hunting for a teaching post. Later, with the help from his friend and classmate’s father, he obtained a job as an assistant patent examiner at the Federal Office for Intellectual Property in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Although this job became permanent 1903, he was passed over for promotion. It was later in 1906 that he was promoted to Technical Examiner Second Class.

Outside of his job, with his friends he formed a weekly discussion club on science and philosophy.

In 1905,he wrote and published 4 papers in the Annalen Der Physik, the leading German physics journal. Today these papers are known as the Annus Mirabilis. One of his well known expressions, E=MC2 was discussed in 1 of these papers.These were done outside his job.


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