Not for the Money

A Form of Exchange

Money is a form of exchange. Receiving money is the result of meeting someone else’s needs. Providing value will invite an exchange if there is a need in the first place. The stronger the need the greater the exchange. In business, the answer is not to find the money. The answer is to reach out to those with the needs and better meet the needs. An unmet or poorly met need is an opportunity gap. Gap exists when means do not meet expectations.

Lay Up in Store

The first truth is nobody knows when he is going to die. The second truth is you can take nothing with you when you die and you would not know what would happen to all you had when you are gone.


We Can Only Eat So Much

Singapore’s billionaire Peter Lim pointed out that there comes a point when extra wealth is meaningless.

He said “It’s no different from what it was before I had the money. It makes no difference after a point. Like what they say, you can only talk louder. You can only eat so much and fly so many trips.

Money lets you enjoy a lot of things, but I don’t think I’ll die without money.

I don’t think I’m eating a lot better than when I was a lot poorer than now. I don’t really go for very special kinds of food. I’m still very local. I like my mee siam, mee rebus and lontong.”

A Billionaire Said That He Didn’t Do It for the Money

Steve Job: He Never Thought About the Money

Ask Yourself What You Have Become

Jim Rohn said “Success is not to be pursued: It is to be attracted by the person you become.”

Success comes from you growing bigger than the problems and obstacles that surround you. Success comes from self-development.

Ben Benson, author of the book 7 Laws of Wealth: An Individual Stimulus said it like this: “What surprised me most about my own journey was that the money was the least important part of what I achieved! Learning to adapt yourself to the 7 Laws of Wealth does not just make you rich in monetary terms; it also makes you a better person. I was amazed to discover that in bending myself to the 7 Laws, I also gained what I called the 7 Attributes of Wealth. These are the late presents that you did not know you are you would get. And they all came as a by-product of aligning with the 7 Laws methodology.”

The growth mindset comes from being able to take risks and not being afraid of failures (see “Letter to Olivia: Lessons from Lee Kuan Yew’s Life” at  winifredling website).


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