Rely on Your Own Intelligence

An alternative title would be Make Your Own Decisions or Make up Your Own Mind

When Life throw you a challenge, the first step to face it is to learn everything that you can about it. Conduct the necessary research so that you can make an informed decision. That would also help you evaluate whether other people’s advices and opinions are wise. Never assume that others would know more than you do and blindly attribute a lot of significance to and reliance on them. You were born with the ability to decide to decide what is and what is not in your best interest. Most of the time, you will make the right decision and the appropriate actions, By thinking for yourself, you will become more successful than if you have gone against your own judgement.

(An adaption from “Chapter 1: Swim Your Own Races: Do Not Let Others Do Your Thinking for You” from the book “A Gift to My Children” written by Jim Rogers)

The extent of the importance of not only doing your desk research but more of primary research can be underlined by Jim Roger’s travels to countries where he considered making his investments. He wrote the book “Investment Biker”.


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