Interview Myths

Myth 1: You can negotiate a better pay

All hiring companies have a budget. You can state that your expected pay is negotiable. You can research on how much the pay is for the job in the industry. In the end, the recruiter can only hire within the given budget.

Myth 2: You must be perfect

All hiring companies are looking for someone that can do the job.

There is no need to mention that something is doable only under certain conditions or only when certain resources are available.

If you had been trained or read about something, you already know something about it.

Nobody knows everything Do not say that you are willing to give it a try or that you will look into it. Everyone wants to hire a safe bet.

No companies are perfect either. They may not have the budget when they want something done or they may want it done yesterday or they may not have enough personnel to do work. It means that you do not have the luxury a perfect job. You may have to take a short-cut or provide a watered down solution.

Myth 3: You tell your work history

All hiring companies are looking for someone that can do the job or have the solutions to the challenges of the job.

You are the interview to demonstrate what you can do and to sell your past successes.

Myth 4: Lighten up

Do not be humorous. What is funny to you may not be funny to the interviewer.

Myth 5: You are at the interview to evaluate the job.

You have not been given a job offer. Even it is true the interview provide you a chance to find out more about the company, the reporting structure and the challenges of the job, you should at all times put your best self forward to get the job. You can always decide whether you want the job or not should the offer be made to you later.


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