I Studied an MBA for This?

They Stirred the Mixing Bowl Again

Here, in the workplace, it is where all the bullies, slow-minded, extremes, poor performers, temperamental people, weirds and others that were sieved or distributed out by the education system got thrown back again.

If you have been a good performer and well behaved at school, the work-place will be a shock for you. Because you encounter only some of them during your later school days, you may not have acquired the coping skills to deal with these people.

The Corporate Ladder That You Dreamt

When we started out in our work life we were told that when we get an education, we can find a job and work up the corporate ladder; that the best pay and prestige is in management job.

Then we discovered that every time we look for a job, the prospective employer would negotiate down on the offer salary. Either the job scope got bigger or there is less helper.

If we are in a small company, there is no promotional prospect. If we are in a big firm, none of our bosses vacate their posts, there is no promotional prospect either. In another words, it is a dead end job.

If we are in a big company, there is competition not only for the pay increase and bonus but for our jobs.

Changing Job for a Better Pay

The pay is great for a new job, but little that you know:

You found yourself in a job where your boss is afraid that he may lose his position. He shift the difficult tasks to you so you that you do the hard work and get the blame when things goes wrong. Then you discovered that your boss is also an incompetent.

Your workplace is “competitive” meant back stabbing; blame shifting; work shifting and so on.

You have decides or is forced to find another job and find yourself receiving a worse off compensation package than two jobs before.

Project Manager and Contract Job

When your boss names you as the project manager or you took up a contract job, it is the end of your permanent job.

Welcome to the Real World: Education is a Factory System

You would wonder why you incurred both the costs and time required to obtain your post graduate degree when you do not get any mileage of your job in terms of promotion or better rewards and compensation.

The education system is still a factory system that produces people to work at jobs for business.

We have to depend on ourselves for survival

When something happens to our employer or our job, the only thing we know how to do is look for another Job. If we cannot find another job, we will starve.

The Employer Has the Pick

The advantage of a factory like education system is that it produces many people competing over each other for a job. The ones that did not get a job just starve.

For a business, it is a different story, other than exceptions; businesses have more than one customer. Most businesses will survive if they keep things simple and headcounts small.

The Employer Can Move His Jobs

If the employer finds that it is to his costs advantage, he could chose to set up his factories in another country or outsource the jobs completely.

Culture is Important Too

Every work place culture is so differently. It is a consistent impression that the culture in Japanese companies is such:

  • They want your complete conformity.
  • They want you to do everything.
  • They want you to work long hours.
  • They want to pay you cheap.


Non-profit organizations have committee that can give instructions to job holders despite having no or have outdated experience in one’s functional area.

Life Has Its Surprises

Businesses start and close. Businesses change hands. Good bosses are replaced with bad ones. Good colleagues are replaced with bad ones. Business processes that once ran well is now in a depleted condition.

Losing Your Job Close to Retirement

One of the worst thing that can happen is when you lose your job when you are older. People do not want to hire not because you are old but because you are more experienced and because you performed better.

The Bottom Line

Maybe someone out there has a rosy job, but it is not true for us. There is no perfect job. If it is not too bad, we have to learn to take the good with the bad.

If we are not looking for this, do something other than a job. The secret to life is to find and do what you are naturally good at.


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