Musical Chair

In an organization, you can lose your seat (job) for 2 reasons. The first is the impact of the external environment on the business. The second is the musical chair played every now and then within the organization.

Here is what happens inside the organization.

The business changes:

  • People on the inside get mixed with new people from another company because of an acquisition or a merger
  • Business expands
  • Business shrinks
  • Business closes

People around you changes

  • Organizational structure changes.
  • Bosses, colleagues and subordinates come and go.

Your job changes

  • Your position becomes redundant.
  • Your regular job becomes a term job.
  • Your job is downsized and given to someone else.

How your boss treats you. This is probably the most important work relationship you have in the organization.

How well your subordinates work with and for or against you.


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