Job Hunting: Fooled Again


If we are unemployed, our job hunting efforts can create false hopes in us; drag us through a long period of unemployment; and draw us closer to depression and a dwindling savings account.

The Lesson

When we keep our hopes high that we may land a job tomorrow, next week or 2 weeks after, we delay looking at and taking up other options that we either feel uncomfortable with; too afraid to spend the money on; not ready to pursue or is unfamiliar with.

The Job Market

What we see is a glimpse of the entire job market. We are never aware of:

  • How many jobs are going abroad?
  • Does job growth match skills availability?
  • Is job growth slowing down?
  • Are there more job applicants chasing lesser job vacancies.

So Many Job Postings

We see so many job postings on job boards and social media. We are never aware of:

  • The different job postings are about the same job.
  • The same job is posted repeatedly because the employer never seems to find the perfect person.
  • The same job is posted repeatedly because job incumbents kept quitting from the job.

You Kept Getting Calls for Interviews

Because you have good work experience, you kept getting calls for interviews. However, the employer has 1001 reasons not to hire you, including reasons that has nothing to do with your ability to perform the job.

The Headhunter Wants to Meet Up with You

In every interview with the headhunter, you are told that your resume would be surfaced to a prospective employer.

Promising Second Interview

This is about both the promising second interview and the illusive phone interview

  • You were told that you have been shortlisted for a second interview but it never came.
  • You always made it to the second interview but you were never hired.

We Will Let You Know in 2 Weeks’ Time

You dressed up in office attire, travelled 1.5 hours, sometimes you got yourself lost trying to find the place of interview; arrived early but had to wait for the interviewer; was interviewed for 2 hours and then was told that you are the job applicants that they saw or the headhunter had scheduled another few candidates that they need to see, and that they will let you know in 2 weeks’ time.

You got hold of the interviewer’s business card; wrote them a thank you note but 2 weeks came and went, you did not hear from them but they already hire someone else.

“You Are Unsuccessful”

In the old days, the interviewer was on time; they introduce themselves; they brief you on the structure and duration of the interview; and they kept you informed even if you are unsuccessful. However, those old days are gone.

The Truth

Let us face the truth: There are bad employers out there or there are employers out there that are trying very hard to keep afloat.

Why You Are Not Hired

You are wasting valuable time guessing the reasons why you were never hired.

How to Avoid Neglecting Other Options

As you send out your resume to hundreds of job postings, gone for lots of interview, the time just drift by quickly. If you had been prudent to put aside an emergency fund of 6 months of your salary, you would have slowly depreciated the fund over time.

If that job you wanted never came by the sixth month, you will be in trouble. It is time look for an alternative. Be prepared to change your mind set:

  • The size of income from the alternative source may never replace your former employment income.
  • The income may be erratic or irregular.
  • The income is likely to sustain only for a short term.

To avoid neglecting these alternatives, you have to schedule to work on them rather spending all of your time in job hunting for your replacement job. The earlier that you started, the better it would be.

Be Quick

Be quick so that you can seize the possibility of turning a negative situation into a positive one.

Let us say that $10 goes out of your pocket each day starting from the first day of the month. If you are able to put in $10 each day into the same pocket from second week, you would suffer an outflow of only $10 per day for 7 days.




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