The Promotion That Went Bad

In my working life, I have a chance to work with bosses or colleagues that failed in their job. One common reason is that they took on a promotion when they do not meet the requirements of the job. These are job requirements that you do not see being mentioned on job advertisements or that you could tell from a job title.

It resembles the case of the star salesman that was promoted to an inept sales manager. Sometimes, the person was not even a star employee but a job opportunity led the person to the job that they held when you first know them.

Companies sell the idea of the corporate ladder on the misperception that it is a path to fame and fortune. Often job incumbent that do not succeed in their job is because they let their ego to control them. They became so full of themselves that they did not realize that the new position that they are in is going to be a deep learning curve for them. They really thought “they made it” (to the top) once hired for the job.

Because they lack or do not have enough experience and training, they are unable to understand and cope with challenges, limitations and problems, or what is required to carry their team through in daily operations. They manage by means of demands and intimidations.

Because we are not the ones that had hired them, we only come to know through glimpses in the way they make their decisions and the way they treat other people. In this manner, they pose a great threat to us in losing our jobs.

Here are 3 truths in corporate life:

  • Leaders are found. You cannot get one by putting him or her through a leadership course.
  • Except for office administration, general management skills are too general for any specialized area of work.
  • A person’s character becomes even important as one rises towards the top of the corporate ladder.



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