On Trial


Some new jobs carry a probation period in their contractual agreement. There is 2 ways that you can handle your probation period:

Option 1

Go all out to do your best for the company (and let nothing stand in your way) with the hope that you will be successful during your probationary period. Give your opinions, recommendations and suggestions. Look out for problems and act to solve them (fix the broken wheels). Work late if necessary to do your best.

Option 2

Just do your job. Watch the clock. Do not fix the broken wheel but make a note that it is broken, and keep that to yourself. Continue to send out your resume and go for other job interviews.

Which Option Would You Choose?

The probation is also for you to check if your new workplace is suitable for you for the long term. The most important is whoever you report to or send up your proposal to: how do they treat your colleagues and you.

The for profit corporate world use a hierarchical structure and the non-profit uses a committee structure. Both can be unfriendly structures.

Although there are a lot of top level managers, leaders are a rare breed. Managers got their jobs either they enter as young managers or they rose because their skills. Few managers have acquired the skills to handle people.

So treat working with your new employer like visiting your friend at his or her parents’ place, talk less and keep criticisms, comparisons and comments to yourself. Note them down if you think that they are going to be useful information for you later on. Use more of your observations.

Before you joined your new employer, you would have checked that your notice period would be short during the probation period should you decide to join another employer.


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