Unless you are looking for a job in the banking and investment industry, the objective of finding out about the course or examination subjects’ curriculum is not really about obtaining these qualifications.

The objective is really about getting familiar with the curriculum that leads to the examinations to obtain these qualifications; to sieve out the useful knowledge from the useless and to learn how to apply that knowledge for your own benefit.

Recognise also these so called professional organization spin money for membership subscription, selling of publications, conducting examinations.

Engaging a person with these qualifications for financial advice or to manage your hard earned money is no guarantee that you are going to make a gain. More likely someone else is taking risks with your money while they use it to learn financial lessons for themselves.

What you want is to learn is how to trade; how to invest; how to manage your finance for the benefits of you and your family so that you can eventually use it for what you want.



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